(VIDEO)Marty Angelo: From Sixties Music Star to Christian Minister

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What is it like being at the top of the music world and then losing it all? What’s it like to go from a 60’s liberal to a Christian conservative running a prison ministry? Marty Angelo can answer those questions.

Turning Point USA’s Miami field director Driena Sixto recently sat down with Angelo to discuss college campuses, the 60’s, and what changes he would like to see on college campuses. According to Angelo’s website, “Marty Angelo worked in the entertainment business from 1965 to 1980 as a musician, television producer, record promoter, disk jockey, restaurant and nightclub owner and personal manager for rock ‘n’ roll bands, “Raven” and the popular Top 40s rock group, “The Grass Roots starring Rob Grill.” He received his first professional breaks from ‘the late Jimi Hendrix’ and “the late George Harrison.”

Things started to head downhill for Angelo after being arrested, pleading guilty after becoming a born-again Christian, and sentenced to prison on drug charges. After leaving prison, Marty Angelo began working with various ministries and later began Marty Angelo Ministries, that “proclaims and teaches the gospel of the kingdom of God to prisoners, substance abuse recovery program clients, and troubled celebrities. The ministry utilizes life-changing books, evangelistic outreaches, and follow-up resources.”


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