Vladimir Putin Announces Intentions to Run for Another Six Year Term

Vladimir Putin Announces Intentions to Run for Another Six Year Term

This comes to no surprise to many, but Wednesday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his decision to run for president in 2018, which would give him the Presidential seat once again for another six years.

A Little History of Putin’s Reign of Power

Putin and Clinton
Putin and then-President Bill Clinton during Putin’s first run in office | PC: Kremlin

It seems like Vladimir Putin has been in power forever, right? Well, that’s because he has been in power for an incredibly long time– going on 18 years now, to be exact. Vladimir Putin was appointed as Prime Minister of Russia in 1999, which quickly turns into his first term of Presidency when his successor Boris Yeltsin stepped down from power in 2000.

It’s no secret that Vladimir Putin is well loved and received by the people of Russia, so it wasn’t too surprising that he was re-elected in 2004 for 71% of the vote. That gave Putin the ability to reign in power for another 4 years, until 2008 when he had to give up his spot as president, seeing as the law in Russia states that a president can only be in office for 2 terms in a row. The much-loved Putin was able to find a loophole around this and became Prime Minister of Russia again while then-President Dmitry Medvedev worked closely with Putin. During Dmitry Medvedev’s presidency, he was able to change the long-standing law that a presidential term would last four years and upgraded it to the current six-year law that is in place now.

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Fast forward to 2012, and Putin is now allowed to run for president once again, this time for a six-year term. Of course, he wins the election, and is currently now at the end of that term, with one more consecutive term available under his belt.

PC: Wikimedia Commons

Russia Obviously Loves Vladimir Putin

According to The Washington Post, Putin has an approval rating that tops 80% and it’s shown in Putin’s confidence of re-election. If Putin does win this election, which wouldn’t surprise many, that would mean Vladimir Putin will at the end of this future term will have been in power, either as president or PM, for a total of 24 years. That doesn’t seem too long to the people of Russia, as they have gladly ushered him through his time in power over and over.

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