Turning Point USA hosted its largest ever Midwest Regional Conference over the weekend. TPUSA activists, chapter leaders, and other members of the conservative movement from all over the midwest were in attendance.

Vice President Mike Pence started the conference Friday night after an introduction by Charlie Kirk, TPUSA’s founder and president.


Pence opened his speech by giving a warm welcome to the audience on the behalf of President Donald Trump:

“Let me bring greetings from another friend of mine… he is a great ADMIRER of turning point usa…allow me to being by bringing greetings from the 45th president!”

The Vice President touched on topics such as border security, healthcare, abortion, defense spending, future military action, trade, the court system, and economic success.

He spoke briefly about what is happening in Congress and the socialism-filled, leftist policies are being presented by the Democrat Party.

Pence then praised TPUSA for its action on and off campus. He said that TPUSA is the “largest and fastest growing organization dedicated to preserving our birth right of liberty for this next generation and in this country.”

“[Turning point usa] is truly inspiring to see”

Pence acknowledged TPUSA’s work, saying that its activists are unfortunately involved in a “too hostile situation.”

“Many college and universities are shutting down debate, stifling conservative viewpoints,” saying Pence. “On too many campuses, policies make it clear that conservative voices are not welcome.”

“There’s a real battle in our country today. it’s a battle over the closing of the american mind.”

The Vice President highlighted two infamous free speech activists while on stage: Hayden Williams and Ellen Whitman. Both have had their First Amendment right violated while on campus.

VP Pence elucidated that the current administration created an executive order to mandate free speech on college campuses.

“it doesn’t take courage to silence free speech, it takes courage to defend it.”

“Censorship is the tool of a coward,” he continued. “Keep standing strong [for free speech], and we will all stand with you.”

TPUSA is the organization America has been longing for, VP Pence hinted at: “America was founded on one principle. That principle is freedom. But over my lifetime, the support for liberty, for strong national defense, for free enterprise, for our God given, inalienable rights, has fallen increasingly to this movement to defend.”

Pence backed TPUSA’s mission to abolish socialism in America, making clear that “it was freedom, not socialism, that gave us the most prosperous economy in the history of the world. It was freedom, not socialism, that ended slavery, won two world wars, and today stands as a beacon of hope to all the world…”

The Vice President says that all we need to do in order to let freedom prosper is to “identify, empower, and organize.” Coincidentally, those words are Turning Point USA’s slogan. “So let’s do it,” Pence said in closing.

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