Wall To Be Built Around Obama’s New Multi-Million Dollar Property

Wall To Be Built Around Obama’s New Multi-Million Dollar Property

“Build bridges not walls,” the left always says.

And so the double standard continues with the latest development in Obama’s plan to relocate to a multi-million dollar property in Washington D.C.

According to recent pictures from TMZ, the property lacks the security that the Obama family thinks is necessary, so a giant wall is being constructed to keep people out.

“Construction permits obtained by TMZ last month show the home will also be outfitted with an upgraded electrical system as well as a cat walk over one staircase,” reports Daily Mail.

What’s the difference between erecting a large wall around your personal property to protect you from people who don’t belong and a border wall designed to do the same thing?

There isn’t much of a difference. The left wants anyone to be able to freely walk into this country and reap the rewards that lawful immigrants are working diligently for.

Perhaps the Obama family doesn’t want to be heckled by poor people who are in need of a hand out? Why not let these poor people in with open arms?

Clearly President Obama values the security of his family and thinks there are significant security threats that warrant a massive wall around his property. While this is reasonable to me, there are also significant security threats to our country and people who are trying to get into our country in order to do us harm.

Because of this a wall is not a terrible idea, or at least border security in other equally deterrent forms.

It’s not the wall that Obama is building that I have a problem with — it’s the blatant double standard for fighting against proper border security in this country.

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