Turning Point USA’s Director of Latino Engagement sat down with The Epoch Times on Tuesday, April 9 to discuss human trafficking.

Paulina is a massive anti-human trafficking advocate and speaks out against illegal immigration frequently.

On this episode of “American Thought Leaders,” Paulina covers the epidemic that affects the tens of thousands human slaves smuggled across the US–Mexico border every year.

Paulina touches on possible solutions as well as why illegal immigration has hit all time highs this year.


At the beginning of the interview, Paulina announced that she will be starting a 13 part series, depicting the crisis that is happening at the US’s southern boarder.

The series will include people directly involved with the issue. The show will have appearances “… ranging from law enforcement to Border Patrol agents to people that are actually working with these counter trafficking agencies that are going in and literally taking kids out of these situations to sit down and tell their story,” said Paulina.

Paulina goes on to talk about how cartels are using children to facilitate a legal loophole.

“We have this now catch-and-release program to where they come in, they have a kid with them, it may or may not be their child, and then they’re released,” she explains.

Cartels rape, murder and exploit women and children, yet continue to pour into the United States. Paulina is taking a powerful stance towards solving this problem.

“We need to take a moral stance against this and say that ‘You might do that in your country, but it is not accepted here.’ And we are not going to facilitate or allow this to continue happening,” she stated. “And if we have to make changes in government we will to make sure that that’s not happening any further from this point forward.”

According to Paulina’s interview, illegal immigration is up roughly 143% from last year, not to mention the increase in sex trafficking. She wants to be a helping hand in tackling this epidemic.

“Even if it were 200 people. That’s too many. So, like, for people to really diminish this, to take that number to say ‘oh, well it’s not high enough.’ I mean, what’s high enough? What’s the value of one human life?” she said passionately.

“I believe that we have we should be standing up that this is the right thing to do.”

“You have to do what’s right,” she said. “And that’s why I’m here today talking to you.”

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