Benny Johnson, Chief Creative Officer of Turning Point USA, created a powerful video highlighting the attacks on TPUSA students on college campuses. In the video, multiple TPUSA members speak about their experience as the focus of hate and attacks from the left – simply for being conservative.


The students go into depth on their specific stories – being targeted for their ideologies. The awful, ideologically driven incidents highlighted range from “Invasion of Privacy, Bear Spray, Vehicular Harassment, Verbal Harassment, Assault.”

One of the students, Leyla Pirnie, was living with 6 other women in an apartment. When they saw that she was wearing a MAGA hat, they decided to search through her belongings. When they found a legally owned gun, they got their landlord to make her foot the six thousand dollar a month rent bill, or live somewhere else.

Pirnie said that she thinks “there’s a big misconception about conservative women not being feminist – but I think that the greatest form of feminism is being able to protect yourself, and to stand up for yourself, and not count on anybody else to do it for you.”

She later added that she “saw some tweets that said ‘her roommates should have just used her guns to shoot her.’ Also tweets saying that it’s a shame that I survived domestic violence because I’m a Nazi.”

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Another student, Max Mobley, was attacked by an assailant with ‘bear spray.’ The attack was meant to shut down his Turning Point USA chapter event, in which they were hosting Will Witt, a PragerU Personality.

“It’s really scary that people are willing to go to such extremes to shut down other points of view.”

Mobley expanded on the incident, saying, “The bear spray affected the students, because they had to receive medical attention. They were put at substantial health risk.”

Katelyn Daviscourt, the third student, was attacked outside her school by a man attempting to run her over with his car. She was leaving her TPUSA recruitment table where the man who attacked her later that night had a yelling match with her earlier in the day.

In her official statement, Daviscourt said, “He waited for me in his car and proceeded to try to hit me with his vehicle twice as I was walking. He then tried for a third time to instill fear in me while driving at maximum speed down the parking lot.”

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The next student in the video, Hunter Richard, said, “I was 16 years old at the time, and a 30 year old man, who was much bigger than me, thought it was appropriate to come up to me while me and my friends were eating a burger at our favorite burger place on the Fourth of July. All because I was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.”

“He threw something on me, stole my property, and called me derogatory words”

He was targeted simply because he openly supported this great nation’s President.

The final student, Katie Mullen, was verbally attacked and swarmed by liberal students and professors for handing out TPUSA materiel. She was trying to promote Turning Point USA because she wanted to start a chapter.

This assault persisted until the police arrived to protect her. She was then escorted out for protection.

Mullen added, “It’s been about two years since that, and the attacks haven’t stopped… threatening me on their social media. I don’t think anyone should feel unsafe on campus for just voicing their opinions.”

The incidents of leftist attacks on TPUSA students seem to be increasing in intensity and frequency.

Turning Point USA supports free speech; sadly, their student activists are being shut down because of it.

We need your help exposing liberal bias on college campuses across the country.

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