Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens took a trip down memory lane while Kirk was on Owen’s new podcast, The Candace Owens Show.

Kirk, the founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, talked with Owens, former TPUSA Director of Communications, about nearly all things revolving in the current conservative circle.

Owens opened her show by explaining who Kirk truly is. Leftist media portray him with a persona that is completely false, Owens alluded.

Kirk said that the left has no argument against his viewpoints, leading them to dislike his movement.

“[The left tries to] defame, DEMAGOGUE and discredit, instead of disprove.”

Owens understands the tricks leftists play on college campuses and in the media, saying “the idea is to not allow people like you and me (Owens and Kirk) to even get to the campuses.”

“The truth is,” Owens continued, “because they know if people hear us, they might agree!”

The duo explain that when they step onto college campuses and speak, students are shocked because they are not as radical as the media portrays them to be.

Owens said the root of her message is, “if you are black, I support you! We don’t need government handouts… that’s why we need to embrace conservative principles.”

They go on to address the left’s victimhood narrative, explaining that such a belief is what stifles progress, not the current American society.

Owens and Kirk powerfully address the culture war taking place on college campuses, American exceptionalism, the importance of biblical values, and much more.

Watch the full show: 

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