Anna Paulina, Director of Latino Engagement for Turning Point USA, decided to ask Kamala Harris, Candidate for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination, a few questions on her policy on immigration.

Paulina confronted Harris at an airport on April 27, only to be ignored and pushed aside:

Harris was very friendly and welcoming, until she heard that Anna Paulina was from Turning Point USA.

She immediately turned away and tried to use a photo-op as an excuse to ignore Paulina.  A staff member then planted herself between Paulina and Harris, and refused to let Paulina ask Harris any questions.

Paulina tweeted out the video, saying “Ran into @SenKamalaHarris at the airport. Shame on her. She exploits Hispanic women and children for votes.”

Paulina is a very strong advocate for immigration reform, and has seen the crimes committed on the border of Mexico and America.  She believes that the policies that Kamala Harris supports are detrimental to America and to families attempting to enter the border.

“you are not doing what you’re supposed to be doing… representing women in this country. shame on you.”

Paulina then left after Harris refused to answer her questions. “You’re not going to win,” Paulina added as she walked away from Harris, frustrated that harris wouldn’t address the issues.

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