WATCH: Leftist Mocks Conservative Students, Performs Hitler Salute

hitler salute
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An irate Leftist approached a group of conservative students at Western Michigan University on Friday and performed a Hitler salute in an attempt to mock them.

The man first approached the students after taking offense to the pro-USA material on their tables, at which point he began berating them while also claiming that the United States President is a “white supremacist” and “Nazi.”

The students remained calm and respectful while explaining their views, but any attempt at engaging in peaceful dialog was futile as the angry man began to shout over them. The Leftist then proceeded to mock the students by performing the Hitler salute while shouting “Sieg Heil” several times.

When a student pointed out that Hitler was actually a socialist, the man became more enraged and shouted louder.


STUDENT: “That’s the other side of the spectrum, by the way.”

LEFTIST: “No, it is your end of the spectrum, you own it now. You voted for Trump, you own this now.”

STUDENT: “Actually, socialism is on the left side.”

LEFTIST: “The Republican Party owns American Nazism.”

STUDENT: “That’s not how that works at all.”

LEFTIST: “It is exactly how it works in 2017.”

STUDENT: “So in 2018, is it not–”

LEFTIST: “You own this now, you own American Nazis. You own Steve Bannon, all this s*** is all yours.”

At one point, the man turns his attention toward the female student who’s filming and says “Film me, please {make it viral}, please, I love it, then you can laugh at me, I love it. You guys are f****** hilarious.”

The Leftist then points out the Turning Point USA t-shirt she is wearing, which says ‘Big Government Sucks’ and continues hurl profanities at the female student.

LEFTIST: “You go to a f****** government-funded f****** school. You know, ‘big government sucks,’ yeah, big government ended child labor, f****** t***. God.”

STUDENT: “You can thank the constitution for–”

LEFTIST: “No, you don’t thank the constitution, you thank progressive politics for ending child labor in this country. Child labor ended because of progressive political policies, not the f****** constitution.”

When the students tried to elaborate on the value of the United States constitution, the man cut them off and changed the subject by claiming the students were “rich f****.”

This is yet another example reported by Turning Point News of the way conservative students are treated by the Leftist elite on college campuses today.

Have you encountered any Leftists crazier than this? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Richard Bowser. Ironically, works at Disability Network in Kalamazoo. Supposedly they HELP people with mental illness among other people. A g

  2. The so-called college professor is flat out lying. The Nazi Party of the 1930’s were in fact Marxist Socialists. German Workers Party. Matter of fact it’s the professor that acts just like and likely advocates 1930’s German Nazi Brown Shirt tactics of physically attacking political opposition.

    • I don’t think he is a professor at this school. I go to WMU and I searched his name, but nothing came up in the faculty directory. That scares me even more the unstable people like him are attending student focused events.

  3. Yep, he works at Disability Network in Kalamazoo. If you think they should know about the kind of employee he is, you can contact them here:

    Richard Bowser Travel Trainer & Transit Outreach Specialist (269) 345-1516 x113

    After the video started going viral they removed him from the MAIN online staff directory but he still works there and is on the rest of the website, including the contact page.

    Contact him here:

    Google Cache of staff directory:

    Current staff directory:

    He’s also in a shitty band called “Violent Apathy”


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