Watch: Maine Democrats Laugh About Rising White Male Suicide Rates

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Former Maine senatorial candidate Richard Fochtmann was caught on film at an event hosted by the Maine Democratic Party joking about the rising suicide rates among white males.

The former candidate told the crowd at a “Values and Vision” community meeting that the Democratic Party needs more “young people” and “more women.” Fochtmann ran unsuccessfully against Maine Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason in the 2016 election.


“Today, you know, I saw a [inaudible] that said a lot of men, white men are committing suicide,” he said. “I almost thought yeah, great.”

“Then I thought about it little more, and I thought maybe I shouldn’t say that out in public,” he said as the crowd laughed.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide rates have risen 24 percent from 1999-2014 for all demographics. Specifically for non-Hispanic white males, suicide rates were the second highest during that time period.

The Daily Caller asked Fochtmann about his remarks, which he replied, “A joke’s a joke isn’t it?”

“I’m a white male. I’m an old man, and I’m appalled by what’s happening to a lot of people my age, and their either lack of morality or whatever it is,” he said. “There’s no big protest going on about [the Trump] administration.”

“It’s anathema to me. I hear a lot of people out there espousing things about being good Christians, being patriots and what not. We just read different history books. Different Bible, everything.”

“I don’t really know what to say,” Fochtmann continued. “I thought the point of the joke is that it won’t be long, and that this won’t be a majority white nation, and I think that’s a good thing.”

“I think it’s about time Americans come to terms with we are a melting pot,” he said. “We’ve been calling ourselves a melting pot forever and ever and ever.”

“So there you are, you know, one of these days we’ll be a big melting pot stew and it won’t predominantly be white people, and that’s ok with me.”

The Maine Democratic Party supplied a statement to The Daily Caller:

“For the past month, the Maine Democratic Party held public forums all over the state of Maine inviting anyone interested to come and share their thoughts on the direction of the state party. Richard Fochtmann spoke as a private citizen at a public forum and unfortunately, he used his 2 minutes at the mic to make his point with an offensive joke. Another attendee promptly stood up and called the comment out as inappropriate. During that same forum Fochtmann stood up and apologized to the group. This video has been selectively edited without the call-out or ensuing apology, and Fochtmann has been mischaracterized as a ‘featured speaker’ or ‘Democratic leader’ in order to fabricate a controversy. In truth, Fochtmann spoke only for himself.”

(H/T The Daily Caller)

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