Rob Smith, self dubbed as “America’s favorite black gay Republican,” spoke at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit (YWLS) on June 7.

Smith started his speech by highlighting the preexisting speaker, Anna Paulina. He said that Paulina does marvelous work helping with humanitarian issues on the southern border specifically.

He then theorized as to why he was asked to speak at YWLS, specifically because he was not a woman. Smith said that he was there because people have attacked him for being a black conservative, much as people have attacked the attendees for being Conservative women.

He continued to encourage the attendees to stand firm in their beliefs, and not let themselves be shouted down by people with opposing opinions. Smith said that he hopes seeing stories such as Anna Paulina’s and Candace Owens’s will empower and encourage them to be brave with their opinions.

He then spoke about abortion specifically an incident where someone “called in and said ‘I want to give a donation to Planned Parenthood, but I want to make sure that this donation is specifically used to abort black babies.’ It’s awful.”

The speech by Smith inspired the attendees, and the room was full of energy as it was delivered. Abortion is a very hot topic in politics right now, and Smith touched on the issue that abortion can be used to selectively abort babies that have certain traits.

Smith said that the possibility of this happening concerns him especially as a gay man.

He closed by saying, “every single person in this room is the reason that the Anna Paulinas, the Candace Owenss, the Dana Loeschs, and the Charlotte Pences do what they do.”

WATCH: Rob Smith’s YWLS 2019 Speech

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