Conservative students at the University of Minnesota-Morris put up a hidden camera to see who was taking down conservative activist groups’ signs.

According to Campus Reform, the university’s camera specifically responsible for preventing and catching vandals of student flies has been out of commission for more than a year.

The UMM College Republicans president Tayler Lehmann told Campus Reform that many students and student workers on the job have been stealing and vandalizing student flyers and posters from conservative groups on campus, such as Turning Point USA.


“We now are taking them to court for destruction of property,” Lehmann informed Campus Reform.  “We have taken one student to court last year for the same reason and he had to pay a fine and was put on probation. But now we have five in a row with this hidden camera.”

The President made a statement on the incident, saying: “It’s sad that basic conservative ideas can’t be expressed on a modern-day liberal arts campus.”

“The U of M Morris touts their ‘stand out [to] fit in’ tag line, but in reality they mean to say stand out as long as you fit into their ideas.”

Through this opposition from fellow students, conservative groups say that they continue sharing their ideas, no matter the consequence.

“The University of Minnesota Morris College Republicans have never and will never be intimidated by anybody,” Lehmann told Campus Reform.

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