In a recent interview with Campus Reform, Republican Senator Ted Cruz spoke out in favor of protecting free speech on college campuses.


Senator Cruz asserted that Congress should not fund universities that discriminate against students when it comes to them exercising their rights to free speech.

This statement comes mere months after President Donald Trump passed an executive order that would pull federal research funding from universities that do not protect students’ rights to free speech.

In the video, Ted Cruz said,

“The First Amendment wasn’t designed for popular speech. You actually don’t need the First Amendment if what you’re saying is popular. The First Amendment was designed to protect unpopular speech.”

He also went on to talk about what college is supposed to be about, in the sense that college is a place where you learn about different viewpoints.

“Particularly the whole point about a college experience is learning to confront views you’ve never seen before,” Cruz added.

The Senator spoke about how his college experience was different from what he sees today.  When he was in college, he said that there was a healthier atmosphere concerning different views coexisting.

“When I went to college, and law school, I took a number of classes from Marxists. And listen, my family comes from Cuba; my family was imprisoned, was tortured. My Aunt, my tía Sonya, was tortured by Fidel Castro’s goons,” Cruz said.

“I don’t view communism as a theoretical matter, it’s a very personal matter to me because my family suffered under communism,” Cruz added.

“But you know what, I was perfectly happy to take classes from Marxists, not because they convinced me to become a Marxist, but because I wanted to understand how they thought,” Cruz said. “I wanted to understand what they believe. I wanted to engage in the intellectual dialectic, that’s what a good education is about.”

The core of the issue is, people with different viewpoints should learn to coexist, because that’s what America is all about. Ted Cruz agrees, and thinks that some people get too angry when they’re disagreed with. “At the end of the day, everyone just needs to count to 10, relax, and actually debate issues with a smile.”

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