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On January 21st, everyone reading this column will wake up in Trump’s America whether they like it or not. While for some this is a call for concern and an inhaler. For others this is a sigh of relief and a time for celebration. As I so beautifully put it in Dr. Crockett’s class, while channeling my inner Ronald Reagan, following the election, “For some it’s MORNING in American and for others it is MOURNING in America.” Regardless of whether you voted for Trump or not, Donald J Trump is now your president. Please bear with me and give Donald Trump a chance. While he can be over-the-top blunt and has said some downright offensive things, he is our president and he deserves a chance.

The question now becomes what can we expect in Trump’s America. Some of you might expect a racial purge based on the brown bag test or for the LGBTQ community to be hunted down, however this is nothing more than the “fake news” that everyone seems so concerned about right now. Donald Trump wasn’t elected for his social policies except for his war on political correctness. He’s a flake on abortion with a not so sincere story of how he went from being pro-abortion to pro-life. Even though he has said that he would try to overturn Roe V Wade and God willing he does. On the issue of same-sex marriage he says that he is “fine” and the issue “settled”. There’s nothing for social liberals to freak out about here.

Donald Trump was elected because if you can’t feed your own family, it’s hard to care about anything else. Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to America by making it beneficial for companies to invest and brings jobs back to America. An example of this is the Carrier deal that Trump negotiated. Whether or not you agree with this case of blatant crony capitalism is not the issue here. The focus here is why people voted for Trump. Americans from the Midwest voted for Trump because he promised to bring jobs back to America.

Donald Trump was elected because Americans want a tax code that doesn’t require a Phd in Taxes of the American Tax System to understand. Americans also voted for Donald Trump because his tax plan gives the average tax payer a tax cut of $1,818 dollars according to the Tax Foundation. In contrast, Hillary’s plan would have raised taxes on the average tax payer by over one hundred dollars.

The question returns to what can one expect in an America governed by Donald Trump. This is the a question that cannot be answered with a lot of certainty. Donald Trump campaigned on broad promises with few substantive policy positions and plans.

But what one can expect is for jobs to come back. One can expect companies and individuals to start investing in America once again. For example, Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son has pledged to pour fifty billion dollars into American start-up companies. One of the reasons behind this is that his tax plan calls for the business tax to be lowered from thirty-five percent to fifteen percent. His plan will also allow companies to bring money from abroad back to America at a one time tax rate of ten percent.

While there are definitely some uncertainties looking forward into a Trump administration, we need to give him a chance and hope for the best. Lets make America great again!

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