West Point football uniforms pay tribute to the 82nd Airborne (VIDEO)

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With the most American sports rivalry coming up, West Point is paying tribute to 82nd Airborne paratroopers that served during World War II through their uniforms. The 82nd Airborne played a vital role during the war, as they were involved when the United States invaded places such as Italy, Normandy, and Holland.


Their website explains the significance of the uniforms:

The uniform design pays homage to authentic WWII era paratrooper jump suits with division patch, oversized 48-star American flag patch, player name tapes, full-color historical unit patches and an improvised camo base layer. Additionally, initial members of the 82nd Airborne Division came from all 48 states which informed their “All American” nickname and iconic “AA” shoulder patch.

The reason why the uniforms are dark is due to most of the 82nd Airborne’s missions taking place at night:

The black and muted gray tones express the fact that some of the most treacherous combat jumps happened at night, under the cover of darkness. The helmet design highlights the netting and hand-painted camouflage shapes that help disrupt the form, along with showcasing an array of authentic, era-specific tactical symbols.

The Navy has yet to show what uniforms they will be wearing, but it is sure to be just as Star-Spangled awesome. The game will start at 15:00 (3:00 P.M. for you civilians) on Saturday on CBS.

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