What’s next for Hillary Clinton?

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I was watching MSNBC the other night when Chris Matthews said something that caught my attention.  Matthews mentioned something about Hillary Clinton running for Governor of New York, because the Clintons “aren’t going to go out as losers.”

After seeing that segment, I popped over to The Daily Caller where they had a story about Hillary Clinton considering a run for Mayor of New York.

Both Bill De Blasio’s term as Mayor of New York City and Andrew Cuomo’s term as Governor are up in 2018, so there is a possibility for either.  Clinton is quite popular in the State of New York having performed well in the city itself and across the state during the Presidential election.

Cuomo has stated intentions to run for a third term as Governor, and one would imagine that Bill De Blasio would seek a second term in office.  That being said when a big name like Clinton hops into the races even incumbents could be in trouble.

After spending almost an adult lifetime working in public life and seeking office, it would be interesting to see how the Clintons would handle an actual retirement from politics.  While many in the Democratic Party are discussing what the Party looks like in a post-Clinton/post-Obama era, perhaps the desire to salvage a legacy could drive Hillary to keep that era around a little bit longer.

So keep an eye out as 2018 draws closer.  We might not have seen the last of Hillary Clinton.

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