What’s wrong with the ‘Cultural Appropriation Rap’

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As a white rapper, it pains me that this video makes me have to say, “as a white rapper”.

The History of Cultural Appropriation Rap’ is a comedy skit made for a segment on Comedy Central’s show, Problematic, with Moshe Kasher, about how the music industry has ‘appropriated’, or taken from, oppressed cultures over the years. Featuring 3rd Bass rapper MC Serch, this video feeds into the idea that cultures are exclusive boxes that require segregation.

It’s extremely important to make a fair analysis as to why this video sends the wrong message. Taking a critical eye to these issues is vital to unity, and I felt unproductive only talking to myself about it. So, here is my video analysis demonstrating where the rap goes awry.

It seems a new generation does not know what it’s like to be segregated and has never lived without freedom, so these things are taken for granted and micro issues like “cultural appropriation” are magnified.

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