Is “White Priority” the Next Step from “White Privilege”?

Is “White Priority” the Next Step from “White Privilege”?

A philosophy professor at the University of North Carolina Charlotte argues that white people have a “sense” of importance called “white priority.” This essentially means that people with white skin view themselves as superior to others.

“White priority concerns a white person’s felt conviction about herself (however egregious or misplaced, and often unconscious) that no matter the quantifiable, statistical details of her life, she is not on the very bottom run of society’s ladder,” writes Professor Shannon Sullivan.

Sullivan criticizes the term “white privilege” because it misses the “advantages of whiteness.” She claims that “white priority” indicates a white person’s “sense of coming before someone else.”

“As a poor, struggling white person, I might not be financially privileged or very high up in social circles and many people might disparage me, but at least I’m not the lowest of the low. I come before someone else: people of color and black people in particular,” Sullivan stated.

Her article, titled “White Priority,” was published in “Critical Philosophy of Race.”

“It is as if a black intruder broke in and was allowed to stay, and we could say this almost literally given the white imaginary understanding of blackness as inherently criminal,” Sullivan stated.

Is “white priority” something that can be scientifically measured or proven? Sullivan doesn’t believe so stating, “White priority is not something that can be empirically verified or disproven.”

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