Why I Love Being A Conservative Woman

Why I Love Being A Conservative Woman

This one is for the ladies of the right.

First of all, I couldn’t think of a better group of women to surround myself with than the women of the Conservative side. This group is the epitome of classy, sassy, and educated. The ladies of the conservative movement are some of the best role models and peers, who consistently prove that it is possible to be successful in their career endeavors and still stand up for their beliefs in the political arena.

Also, can we talk about the cute clothing that can come with being a republican girl? With organizations like Future Female Leader (FFL), we’re equipped with the smart clothing to give us confidence when we speak our minds.

Let’s go back to our beliefs. Conservative women definitely hold the unpopular opinions. Republican women are highly educated in most cases and have facts and reasoning behind their argument. They don’t pick a candidate to support based on gender. They vote with their lady smarts, not their lady parts, but the beauty of it is we know how to disagree with grace.

The majority of republican girls you see won’t come at you with personal attacks, but with educated responses. We are open minded to other’s beliefs when and if we see fit. We’ll simply say “Bless your heart”, and move on with our day to something more productive.

Another beautiful thing about Conservative Ladies? We don’t need feminism to be successful. We can achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves without the false promises entailed in modern day feminism.

Instead of convincing people we are victims, unequal, or superior. We defend ourselves, and we recognize that we are already equal (thanks to the true feminists seen in history), and we think of ourselves likewise.

Not only do we wish to see other women succeed, but we wish to see our country succeed as a whole. Conservative women like to see everyone prosper, which is why we support things like capitalism, free markets, and the reduction of taxes.

All in all, the conservative movement is growing and thriving. The women of this movement are independent and intellectual, while still being able to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We work hard to support ourselves, and to support our beliefs. These ladies are some of the sweetest, friendliest, and most intelligent women I have found, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a part of this movement with them.

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