Why Ted Cruz should be President-elect Trump’s Supreme Court pick

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 Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States. The election is over and President-elect Trump has been busy assembling his cabinet. One very important job that the President-elect has yet to fill is the vacant supreme court seat. President-elect Trump has released a list of over twenty potential nominees he is considering. There is a name missing from that list, however. That name is Ted Cruz.

There was no mistaking that President-elect Trump and Senator Cruz had their disagreements during the campaign, but that’s what makes choosing Ted Cruz for this job an even greater decision. It would signal a sense of unity between the two and let the country know that the President-elect is serious about hiring the best and most qualified men and women to help lead this country.

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The biggest reason that Senator Cruz would be a phenomenal pick for the highest court in the land is that he is a strict constitutionalist. From his days in law school, to various government leadership roles, to serving as the Solicitor General of Texas, to becoming a United States Senator, and all throughout his presidential campaign, Senator Cruz has always advocated for the Constitution to be interpreted the way the founders intended.

He recognizes that the U.S. constitution is not a living, breathing document. This is something that many on the left and even some moderate republicans seem to forget. Senator Cruz has constantly been putting forth bills and proposals that stand by this belief of his.

What this pick would do for Donald Trump is that it would let the American people, and especially conservatives know that he is serious about the constitution. It would let the people of this country know that President-elect Trump loves the constitution and wants to see it interpreted the way our founders intended.

So, Mr. President-elect, on behalf of all Americans who want to see the constitution interpreted the way the founders intended, and not as a living, breathing document, please nominate Senator Ted Cruz to fill the supreme court vacancy.

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