WikiLeaks Loves Donald Trump Jr.

WikiLeaks Loves Donald Trump Jr.

WikiLeaks, the groundbreaking transparency platform, was very interested in Donald Trump Jr during the 2016 election.

In a feature for The Atlantic, it was revealed that Trump Jr was contacted several times by WikiLeaks soliciting information, feeding him information, and other requests of diverse nature.

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And, apparently, the information that was revealed is substantially revealing as the multiple inquiries into Russia-Trump collusion continue to produce results.

Reading the expose from The Atlantic, WikiLeaks communicated with the now-President’s son through Twitter’s direct messaging platform. In one instance of this, an exchange was initiated by WikiLeaks on September 20, 2016 (during the peak season of the 2016 election) informing of Trump Jr of the creation of an anti-Trump super PAC.

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Trump Jr was slow to react and reply; however, when he did, he acknowledged that the PAC could pose a threat and mentioned that he would ask around for more information.

Apparently, as alleged in the above-mentioned article, Trump Jr and WikiLeaks had several conversations on similar topics. In another instance, WikiLeaks lobbied Trump Jr to toss Julian Assange’s (the founder of WikiLeaks) name in the running for becoming the United States Ambassador to Australia. Plus, WikiLeaks operators also told Trump Jr to contest the results of the election and call them a fraud in the then-seemingly-likely case that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the election.

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The Atlantic exclusively obtained these Twitter direct messages and, reportedly, these messages were handed over to Congressional investigators, as well.

As a response to the direct messages being released, legal counsel for Trump Jr issued a statement announcing cooperation with investigators.

“Over the last several months, we have worked cooperatively with each of the committees and have voluntarily turned over thousands of documents in response to their requests,” said Alan Futerfas, an attorney for Donald Trump Jr, via The Atlantic. “Putting aside the question as to why or by whom such documents, provided to Congress under promises of confidentiality, have been selectively leaked, we can say with confidence that we have no concerns about these documents and any questions raised about them have been easily answered in the appropriate forum.”

WikiLeaks has yet to release any official statement on the release of the messages; however, the platform’s social media game is on point when in dealing with this specific scenario.

The accounted noted, upon a slew of social media traffic circulating the released documents, that the president’s son only released a portion. More or less, the account characterized the current release as “missing context.”

(H/T: The Atlantic)

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