Video: Woman With Down Syndrome Responds to Pro-Choice UN Expert

Video: Woman With Down Syndrome Responds to Pro-Choice UN Expert

The United Nations is known for being extremely pro-abortion. Ben Achour is an academic expert at the U.N. Human Rights Committee (HRC). Recently, he stated on camera that women should have the right to abort a disabled baby. He also stated that he is a defender of the disabled and understands that society should do everything possible to help them, once they are born, however.

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An academic expert, Ben Achour couldn’t remember the name of Down syndrome

Ben Achour started out by explaining that he is an “ardent defender” for the handicapped and that he understands that society has a duty to help them in every way possible. However, that does not mean that we have to accept and let a disabled fetus live.

“If you tell a woman, “Your child has Dow…” — What is it called? Down Syndrome, Dawn Syndrome — if you tell her that, or that he may have a handicap forever, for the rest of his life, you should make this woman … it should be possible for her to resort to abortion to avoid the handicap as a preventative measure,” Achour said (Translated from French).

This does not mean that the U.N. is against the disabled and will deny them assistance once they are born. According to Achour, the difference is that once a disabled baby is born, it is finished and that disabled baby deserves assistance. However, women do not need to accept disabled babies and they should do everything possible to avoid them. “And it is not contradictory,” he finished.

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Charlotte Fien responds to Ben Achour: “My extra chromosome makes me far more tolerant than you, sir”

Charlotte Fien, a young woman with Down syndrome, was deeply offended by Achor’s comments. “My extra chromosome makes me far more tolerant than you, sir,” she began. She stated that if any other heritable traits were being discriminated against, like skin color, the world would cry out. She asked why no one is crying out for her and her community. “What have WE done to make you want us to disappear?”

To the best of her knowledge, her community does not hate, discriminate, or commit crimes. She mentioned that suffering is often associated with Down syndrome. “The ONLY thing we have to suffer are horrible people that want to make us extinct.” She stated that she has a great life which includes friends and family who love her. At the end of her video, she asked for an apology and stated that Ben Achor is not fit to be a Human Rights expert since he knows so little about what it is like to live with Down syndrome. “I suggest that the Human Rights Committee appoint me as an expert. I will fight for our right to exist for the rest of my life.”

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