Year of guns: 2016 hits new record for most gun sales

Year of guns: 2016 hits new record for most gun sales

While 2016 was filled with large amounts of bad news (RIP Harambe), there is a silver lining to the year. According to the FBI’s most recent numbers, 2016 saw the most gun purchases in a year. The FBI ran a total of 27 million gun-related background checks in 2016.

Compared to 2015, in which 23 million background checks were processed, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System conducted over 4 million more checks this past year.

Since there is no official way to track all gun sales that take place within the United States, the NICS is considered the most accurate ways to tally gun purchases.

As pointed out by the Free Beacon, gun sales have surged in the past eight years of President Obama’s terms:

The FBI processed twice as many firearms checks in 2016, the last full year of President Obama’s administration, than it did in 2008, the year Obama was elected. During President Obama’s eight-year tenure, the FBI has processed 157,233,157 firearms checks—61,249,149 more than the previous ten years.

Those figures have led some to label Obama “the greatest gun salesman in history.”

People in the gun industry have taken notice of the large amount of firearms that were purchased.

Justin Anderson, marketing director for Hyatt Gun Store of Charlotte, N.C., told Secrets, “We are pleased to see more and more Americans taking responsibility for their own personal safety. Not only are they buying guns at a record pace, but they are also getting trained and preparing themselves”


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