You have the right to be wrong

You have the right to be wrong

Our society is too socially polite.

This most likely sounds like an absurd statement in your mind, seeing how violent and tumultuous our culture currently is. Yet, there is an important question that must be asked. When was the last time somebody who isn’t a total jerk told you that they thought you were wrong?


We’re accustomed to being told we’re wrong by the nastiest people in society. In fact, being that bold has come to be associated with being an awful human being. Apparently, in order to be a kind and considerate person, you are not allowed to be blunt and tell someone that you think you’re right and they’re not.

This is such twisted thinking that comes from this participation trophy, coddled generation, and it needs to be stopped in its tracks.

I continually hear things like, “Well, it’s okay that you believe the way you do, but others believe differently, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that-we can all just do our own thing!” This is accurate; people can and are free to believe different things. Yet, this idea leads to all the wrong conclusions.

If you believe firmly in something, why would you believe in it if you didn’t think every other option was wrong? You hold firm beliefs because you believe firmly that it is the right option-what’s wrong with letting that be known?

We continually say things like, “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion,” instead of things like, “You have the right to be wrong.”


Why are we so scared to proclaim that we think our lifestyle is correct and right, and others are wrong? Why does that automatically get labeled as a nasty thing to do? Is it really so shocking that we think that our opinion is correct and that we have the best factual backing?

The inability to bluntly tell someone that you think they’re wrong within a civil conversation stems from a relativist society. Although objective truth is clearly still what exists, our society has made everything subjective. Options have been brought to the same level; no opinion can conquer over another.

This is utter garbage. Although there are subjective pieces of life, for the majority, life consists of objective truth. Either it is a baby in the womb, or it is a clump of cells that can be removed at will of the host being. Jesus came down to earth to save a broken humanity or there is no God, no need of salvation.

Life comes down to choices, and the options don’t have equal merit. The facts will point to one, and one will reign.

If we go through life scared to believe in objective reality, cold hard truth, we are blind and ignorant to how the world actually works. It is not cruel or hateful to believe that your opinion and your beliefs are the right ones. If the facts are in your favor and you have gone through a process to arrive where you are, it is only logical.

Learn why you believe what you believe. Be able to back it up with everything that you know. Hold beliefs and opinions passionately, with conviction, and with a fierce tenacity that what you believe in is true and good and correct. Why should you believe any other way?

If nobody has ever told you, this is your release to step into a bold space where you claim what you know to be right and draw a hard line in the sand. Do not let moral relativism fool you. There is good and evil, wrong and right in this world, and it is up to each one of us to find the good, find the right, and then boldly proclaim that we have found it and that everything else is wrong.

Be kind. Be loving. Be gentle. Yet be passionate, be brave, and don’t be afraid to tell people that you think they’re going down the wrong path.

After all, we should want all men and women to come to believe in what is good and right in this world and to turn from wrong paths.

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