Alyssa Ahlgren, a conservative woman and Turning Point USA Ambassador, told the story of what it’s like to be a Conservative woman in America today.

She talked about her time at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit, a gathering of over 1,400 young Conservative women, the largest in the country.

Ahlgren described the conference perfectly. She said, “for four days, 1,400 young ladies came together in camaraderie of American values and conservatism.; concepts that are largely rejected in the mainstream narrative and among the young generations. What I learned, observed, and experienced should give hope to those who embody these values and constructive insight to those who don’t.”

She continued to assert that “being a female with right-leaning viewpoints is taboo.  You’re not really supposed to say it out loud and if you do, you better prepare yourself for condemnation.”

This is very true: as someone with an opinion considered out of the ordinary, you are likely to be attacked for holding what most consider a “wrong” viewpoint.

She also explained the disconnect between the perceived notion that left leaning policies align perfectly with women’s rights:

“Left-wing viewpoints are dishonestly correlated with women’s rights and empowerment. It’s common for headlines in media to disparage the existence of Republican women while refusing to acknowledge Republican women of color (spoiler alert: not all conservative women are white).”

Ahlgren also touched on the fact that most of the attendees had been attacked, or harassed in some way for their viewpoints:

“It’s recognizing a reality. The reality that the narrative goes as such: women are supposed to support each other and be all inclusive–unless you don’t agree with progressive politics. The litmus test for womanhood is having a “D” by your name.”

She summarized the plight of conservative women by saying, “As Alyssa Milano and her fellow cohorts of progressive feminism like to fondly say, there is a war on women. And, there is. There is a war on conservative women, but we refuse to roll over and take it.”

To read Alyssa Ahlgren’s full article, click here.

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