Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl Game

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When you live in Texas high school and college football become a very big deal in a part of your life. Westpoint Military Academy played the University of North Texas on Tuesday, December 27th. The game was a hard-fought game in which both teams played into overtime. Westpoint came out on top scoring and UNT was unable to gain points back to tie the game.

The US military academy was represented by Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen, Jr., Superintendent of the Academy and Brigadier General Cindy R. Jebb, who serves as the current dean of academics. It was amazing to see the 3-star general go up and shake the hands of his comrades that were serving in the U.S. military. At the game, there was also a live promotion during half-time on the field when a warrant officer in the United States Army was promoted.

In addition to the U.S. Military Academy, there is one school that stands out among the others in Texas and that’s the University of North Texas located in Denton, TX. The University of North Texas has more school spirit than many schools in Texas. At Tuesday’s game, when UNT played West Point. The fans were on their feet the entire time and you could see all of the green gear in the stands.

Throughout the entire game, there was constant cheering and chants and lots of School participation including groups such as dance and cheer but there was one group that stood out and was very unique and that was UNT’s Talons 23 group. The Talons at UNT kept the game alive. They had a big loud firing cannon known as “Boomer the Cannon.” Everytime UNT scored a touchdown the cannon was fired and you knew that UNT had scored.

This cannon was operated by: Mikayla Carrell, Jasmine Andablo, Trevor Connole, Alberto Bravo, CJ Hart, Bobby Powell known as the 6 of Talons’ Cannon Crew. After speaking with this group it was clear to me that I had never seen school spirit like this before. They were a group that believed in their school, their fans and the spirit of the game of football. At the end of the game, UNT lost during overtime play and even then they fired the cannon showing good sportsmanship to the other team for a well hard and played game. This group really stood out among spirit groups in Texas football.

Among the fans and other spirit groups, you saw people painted green and white in representation of their school colors. The fans and students went all out. The dance and cheer teams were constantly keeping the fans on their feet. This entire school showed the belief and true value of their school.

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